About Us

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We are a commercial real estate investment firm that focuses on creating passive income with predictable returns though purchasing underperforming multifamily properties in secondary and tertiary markets.


John Weaver

Founder & Principal


John Weaver is the founder of Synergy Capital Partners. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado and currently resides in Dallas, TX. He is the managing partner of Synergy Capital Partners and is actively seeking partnerships and syndication opportunities. John currently is involved with in two multifamily syndication/private investments, which make up 164 apartment units. John currently is a sales director in a food & beverage company and enjoys project management, underwriting, and building relationships with brokers, property managers, and investors.

Jens Nielsen

Senior Advisor


Jens Nielsen is the principal Open Doors Capital. He has raised several millions for apartment syndications and is a general partner in over 800 apartment units around the country. He has also passively invested in 14 syndications/private investments, spanning over 800 apartment units, 2,000 mobile park lots and over 6000 storage units plus mortgage note funds and private money lending. Jens has a passion for coaching new investors and enable their success through strategy, accountability, and personal growth.