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How do I invest with you?

Go to the Contact Us page to learn more.

What is a multifamily syndication?

This refers to a pooling of knowledge, experience, and resources with the common goal of purchasing a multifamily asset.

What kind of returns can I expect?

Our goal is to provide annual returns in the range of 7-8% annually and provide an average internal rate of return of 15%-17%.

What is the timeline of your syndications?

We look to acquire distressed mis-managed, or distressed properties and add value to those properties to increase returns for our investors. We typically look for a 5–7-year hold period before selling the property for a positive return. Investors should consider their investment illiquid for this hold period and there is not an opportunity for early withdrawal of funds from these investments.

Can I invest with my 401k or IRA?

Yes, please contact us to learn more.

How much will I need to invest?

Our minimum investment requirement is $50,000.

How will distributions be paid out and how often?

We typically make quarterly distributions to our investors via direct deposit or a check that is mailed out.