What We Do

Here's a little bit of info about what all we do...

We purchase assets that are either underperforming or are in a distressed state and utilize our team of experts to develop and implement a plan to add value.  We add value by updating and making improvements to properties, filling vacancies, and implementing long-term leases, rebranding and marketing re-positioning campaigns, and reduction of expenses.

We partner only with professional property managers to ensure optimal performance of our properties and ensure positive cash flow for our investors.  We look to hold or properties for 5-7 years before selling to maximize the return to our investors.

Investment Criteria

Our acquisition strategy involves identifying opportunities in secondary and tertiary that have the following economic indicators:

  • Population, job, and income growth

  • Low to moderate cost of living

  • Low unemployment

  • population of 200,000 or greater

Properties we look at can have a combination of the following attributes:

  • Between 30 and 150 units

  • Deferred maintenance or distressed

  • Sub-performance by current management team

  • Class C+ or better locations

  • Class B or C assets